Fatih University, Istanbul, May 2013

“I have organized four International ELT Conferences so far; and it was the fourth conference that David and Luke had participated and displayed their excellent shows both at the beginning and at the end of the day. And it was their Drama related to ELT that reminded me “hamburger bread” with both top and bottom bread. Thanks to these two shows (one in the morning like the bottom bread and the other in the evening like the top), our conference had a very natural taste for all the participants.Oscar goes to David and Luke Bey :)
Adem SORUC, Chair of FELT Conferences Istanbul, TURKEY



‘As for your show, I liked all the three plays. They were short and therefore they were well-accepted and enjoyed by everyone. Today, I met the students and they told me that your show added spirit to the conference since the others were highly academic and you know listening to somebody talking about theories results in drowsiness’

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yakup Çetin
Head of Department
Foreign Language Education
Fatih University

‘Your sketches were much apprecıated; I thınk that ın general, for most people, your sketches were the hıghlıght of the day!’

(Dr) Carol Griffiths
Conference Organiser
Fatih University
Istanbul, Turkey

‘Your amazing performance has inspired me to write the attached poem.

Good Neighbors Need No Fences

Walls, fences or sabres
Don’t make good neighbors.

Good neighbors need no fences
‘cause from good neighbors
You expect no threats or offenses
Hence, there’s no need for defenses.

An outer fence or wall
That embraces and protects all
Might make sense
And the value of such a fence
Could be immense
‘cause in such an operation
There’s cooperation,
‘cause such great daring
Entails and ensures neighbourly sharing.

Defences are made to deter potential aggression
In an age of supposed progression
Walls between neighbors would be a sign of regression
An eventual source of depression.

Hello there, Neighbour!
On the other side of this damn fence.
Do you need labour?
Please, take no offence
It’s just a pretense.
Well, I must confess
That this ugly fence is making hell of a mess
Over here at my home address.
I’m inviting you over to my place for coffee and cake
I believe, a treaty between us is long overdue, to make.
Let’s mix, talk and see each other,
Worry about droughts and floods together.
For God’s sake, Mr. Blake!
I’m in dire need of a friendly hand-shake.

Good neighbors should pose no threats or offenses
Therefore, there should be no need at all for walls or fences.
Love and trust between neighbours will tear down defenses
Reducing, for all, the cost of living expenses
Bringing people to their human senses.

İdris Esen, May 20, 2013, ICU/İTİCÜ, Üsküdar
This poem is the result of inspirations I got from the amazing
“DAVE &LUKE” Show at the 6th International FELT Conference
held at Fatih University in May this year.

İdris Esen,
Eng. Lang. Prep school,
Istanbul Commerce University’.

‘The poem that follows was inspired by:

1 James Zull’s ideas on how the brain changes as new things are learned etc. (presented by Herbert Puchta at the ISTEK Conference)
2 Jeremy Harmer’s talk on correction at the ISTEK Conference.

3 Dr. Carol Griffith’s presentation, at Fatih ELT Conference: we saw Meg and Kay, two girls; Meg represented,” Good study habits, realistic time planning and total involvement”

Whereas Kay was :

Teaching without student participation
Is surely a recipe for demotivation
Pushing them into gazing at the teacher in abstraction
Eventually leading to student alienation.

4 The acting, the main theme of the poem, comes from the 3 pieces performed by Dave’n’Luke in their show at the Fatih Conference, May 2013.

Teaching Is Acting

Teaching is acting and learning is performing
It’s informing and conforming without deforming.
Bear in mind that language itself is utterly dry
But the way you use it can make the most brutal butcher cry
Yes, you can also do it
Go ahead and prove it.

Instructors act to attract and impact
But students may react without tact
Yet, each act will certainly get a few shells cracked
Because, that “teaching is the art of changing the brain”
Is now a well-known biological fact.

Instructors’ action is neither motion nor commotion
Rather, it’s emotion, devotion and communication with a clear notion.

ELT instructors, being masters of prediction and projection
Detect, foresee and forestall any tension, friction or malfunction.

Teaching without student participation
Is surely a recipe for demotivation
Pushing them into gazing at the teacher in abstraction
Eventually leading to student alienation.

Instructors with perception value student participation and production
Encourage student interaction
Teach vocabulary in collocation
Grammar, like medicine, in the right dosage and proportion
Keep their own chalk-and-talk type instruction
At a minimum fraction
With a keen eye on smooth communication and retention.

It’s futile to insist on full accuracy and perfection
Through incessant correction
That could lead to student disenchantment and rejection.
Teachers do make corrections, but with great caution
Without losing traction
Remembering that, between mistakes and errors, there’s a distinction
And they keep this ‘holy business’ at a fraction
To everybody’s satisfaction.

ELT instructors are confidence boosters
Not error-seekers or hand-pecking roosters.

Language teaching isn’t an educational roller coaster
Rather, it’s more like a bread toaster
That takes care of all on the roster.

Good study habits, realistic time planning and total involvement
Constitute the foundations of a successful ELT movement
For the concerned and responsible student.

İdris Esen, May 21, 2013, ICU/İTİCÜ, Üsküdar