Godot Over the Wall Tower 2014

‘You put together the two plays in a manner as artful, as a well balanced meaningful collage painting composition. The whole is much more than the addition of the two, just like the bond of your friendly collaboration.

The essence of the plays was blended and geared towards raising awareness at a critical time of Greek and International history. Minds and hearts, lives and dreams, frozen by a matured crisis period, need something more than a motivational lecture about self-awakening, daring to leap over the comfort zone, discovering one’s potential, reaching out towards others, inspiring them to do the same, collaborating for the benefit of all. Thus, your example speaks louder than your play.
Keep up the good work with this public service initiative, and yes… thank you!’

‘It was an inspiring morning, taking us by the hand to philosophical questions which each of us could relate to at its own level.
The amazing point is that with little attributes your theatrical performance entertains and educates.
The discussion afterwards about the themes of the play made a deep profound contribution to the whole experience’.

‘Thanks for such an entertaining & meaningful performance last Saturday. You effectively demonstrated how important it is to face our daily problems. The humor used gave us all a good laugh! The two of you have a lot of talent & hopefully your unique teaching method will expand in the years to come’.