Godot Pinewood 2013

Feedback:  Godot Over the Wall

School: Pinewood

Date: October 2013


Comment from the teacher:


‘Attached are the reviews of Godot that I received from students.  I did not make it a mandatory assignment. I have also left them anonymous, simply know that they represent students from 6th grade to  grade 12’.




Pupil 1

The play was really wonderful! It was amazing, the lines, the movements and the timing! Everything was all very nice! Throughout the play, it made me think about Godot. Maybe it was just their excuse to do something, basically wait for Godot. Since they had nothing left to do, they had to do something, in this case wait for Godot. He never existed. He was just in their thoughts, that if they did nothing, he would punish them, because it should be like the old days were, where they did something. Now, that something was wait for Godot. The performance was very splendid! The plays they do are not boring and make you wanna sleep. They make you interested and make you laugh! Dave and Luke MUST continue to perform plays!


Pupil 2

I think that Dave and Luke performed fantastic. I didn’t see any mistakes. They were focused in their roles and they were not anxious. They were talking loudly, they were entertaining the audience and finally they were not bored while performing, they were excited. I think that they were energetic and that this will help them become experts in this job. Dave and Luke should continue performing because they have a talent.


Pupil 3

They did a great job performing , For the first time in quite a lot of time my attention was on them during the whole performance . They way that they were talking and acting , made the story interesting and made me think about it in different way . The part with the questions at the end , was very useful and interesting , mostly because everybody understood its meaning !


Pupil 4

i personally think the performance was great and entertaining. it was very well played and i enjoyed watching it. however i think that there should be some more fun parts during the act. there should also be a bigger explanation during the play of what is going on. overall, it was very well done and acted. congratulations



Pupil 5

I think that the performance presented today by Dave and Luke was absolutely fascinating.

I loved the idea that big concepts can be explained in simple ways, like in this case with a short play. The topic of the performance was quite particular and I find the ability to create such a simple example out of it amazing.


Pupil 6

I believe this performance should be exposed mostly to young children, since I think adults wouldn’t be as comfortable asking questions about the meaning of the play.


Pupil 7

I loved their performance as always. They were perfect and funny at the same time. Maybe they can try adding one more person in their group and can distribute the roles so the play can become more understandable. They were acting perfect with their roles and the script was very nice and unique. If they will continue like that they will become real actors!! Keep up the good work and carry on Dave and Luke.


Pupil 8

I think Dave and Luke did an excellent job on their performance. They had a lot of interest to combine both the wall and Godot plays together. They were energetic and happy, but also serious. We the audience had a lot of interest and fun to watch this performance. I personally think they should continue their hard and energetic work and show them to us. the made their play more lively. I always loved their performance. They are great and enjoyable!!! Keep up this great work Dave and Luke. I want to see more of your performances!!!!!

I certainly loved the play! It was very creative and very well done. It was a pleasure for me to watch it! I loved the way that all the characters acted! It was amazing. I loved the mystery and loved the entertainment! I think it was a very good idea to act the play in front of the school. I certainly loved the drama and humor and all the fun! The play was perfect and very funny! LOVED IT!


Pupil 9

In my opinion the play was very entertaining, and sometimes funny. The actors where really good and put a lot of passion to it. I really liked that in the end the explained everything so that everything would be clear. I loved how everything actually had a second or third meaning of what i thought it meant and also how the mix two stories into one, making a great story.


Pupil 10

The show that was played by Dave and Luke today was very intriguing and wisely thought through. I liked how they played with the script and changed a few parts of the original versions to express their ideas. I also liked how they combined the two plays in one, it was a bit confusing at first to understand, (somehow they have to show that they changed it) but later on it became more visible. They also did a great job in acting, for example when Dave catapulted Luke over the wall, he made it sound very realistic. Overall, greatly thought through and smoothly performed with just a very few errors.


Pupil 11

The outstanding play, “Godot Over The Wall” demonstrates that the differences between people is the main wall or barrier of communication and understanding between us. In the first part of the play the two main characters can’t understand each other due to the fact that they have a different understanding and approach for the wall. Perhaps the wall was built by their ancestors in order to isolate their part of the land and not have contact with different, than them, people. In the second part of the play there is still a chasm between the two characters that wait for the imaginary character Godot to come. They don’t try to improve their relationship and don’t do anything at all, instead they wait for Godot to come and tell them what to do. It is better to stand-up for yourself and act than wait for others to act for you. The play was outstanding however I think that the narrator should say more parts in the second part of the play, regarding Godot and the change from the first to the second part of the story in order for the audience to obtain a better understanding of the play. Apart from that I believe that the narrators, the actors, the props, the lights and the play itself were excellent and very thought provoking. I would really like to watch again and again because it is very complicated  and each time that someone watches it they would understand a different aspect of it.


Pupil 12

 I thought that the Dave and Luke performance was interesting because we got to decide many things. Basically I thought that it was a great show but I was a little confused with some details, for example how did the guy come back on the side where his frenemy was? But from all of that I really enjoyed the performance and it was a great and thankful opportunity to have it. That is what I think about the play!


Pupil 13

The play was amazing! i loved it! through the whole entire play i was laughing and giggling about it it was really fun and entertaining. And something in this play made it be so cool, it was the lack of people performing! cause there was only 2 people actually performing on stage and very few props so that usually makes it harder! But they did it! it was really nice also because the whole point was nothing! like they were waiting for godot but they waited and nothing happened,so if godot actually came then they wouldn’t know what to do! i hope they do more plays like this. Dave and Luke did a wonderful job, and this may inspire some people from drama club. Dave or Mr.banana or Mr.Gipson or however you call him is really known in the school and i have known him since i have come to this school (Pinewood). So overall the play was fantastic and maybe in the school year the drama club team can do things like that. That people can enjoy watching.


Pupil 14

I really had a nice time and i really enjoyed the show however, in my opinion there should be more explanations during the act.


Pupil 15

The play was so awesome! It was very funny and especially funny because this was a very hard play to perform. They did the play so well! It was an amazing script and the way that they mixed two stories together was incredible. I really hope that they will visit us every year, and keep things very funny. The biggest reason I loved it is because it has two incredible actors and one of them (Dave), I have known since Pre-K. I hope to see another play that they will perform!


Pupil 16

The play was really really good. It was funny, enjoyable and really organized. Dave and Luke put a lot of practice and hard work on that play. Every year they come to Pinewood with better acts and are much better prepared. Anyone could tell that it took hard work to perform that wonderful play. It was amazing because only 2 people performed that play like it was a piece of cake. We all know that they are really good in acting and  wonderful people.


Pupil 17

I think that the play was very well practiced and very well organized. Dave and Luke combined humor and creativity into one great play. The act also made you think about the unknown, conquering your fears and it gave out meaningful messages that effected the audiences’ individual daily lives.


Pupil 18

For a better performance, one could maybe use more “everyday-materials“, for example a hammer to represent the type of work they’re doing, instead of using an imaginary one.