IATEFL Harrogate 2014

‘I needed a dose of humour – everyone needs a dose of the stuff if you are to survive teaching, and Dave ‘n’ Luke’s ‘Hard Times for English Teachers’ had me laughing my head off. It was great – more please!

Conference participant, Rosemary Westwell ‘My IATEFL 2014 experience’



‘One of the highlights of the conference for me in fact wasn’t a talk or a workshop but a theatrical presentation by Dave’n’Luke, the stage name of David Gibson and Luke Prodromou. Despite competition from both Jeremy Harmer and the British Council evening in the Royal Hall, over 200 people packed into a hall on Wednesday evening where the two thespians, together with a guest appearance from the wonderful Maria Sachpazian, demonstrated how dramatic techniques using voice, body language and presence can activate language in memorable ways. For instance, one of their sketches, The Bank Robber, which particularly resonated with the audience (‘Bank Robber: These are hard times. This is my morning job; I teach English in the evening.’) highlighted a specific grammar point (‘if you don’t give me all your money now, I’ll …’).   They explained that the purpose behind the one-act play and sketches they performed was not just to entertain, although they were enormously entertaining, but that they hoped to inspire teachers and promote second language acquisition by both raising issues for discussion and encouraging students to get involved with drama in the classroom. They certainly succeeded with the former, as I was leaving I overheard another teacher saying to her friend ‘Well, that was inspiring!’ –

Chris Stanzer, Harrogate Online



‘Without doubt what put the Greek delegation on the map was the extremely well-attended performance of Dave’n’Luke which was part of the social programme of the conference. A performance of three short plays: Me and Him, the Bank Robber and The Water Bill, surpassed the expectations of both Luke and David. I was positively surprised by the love and interest with which the audience greeted this artistic venture’.

Maria Sachpazian, Conference speaker and guest performer in the Dave’n’Luke Show.


‘In a very cheerful atmosphere, delegates enjoyed the Dave’n’Luke presentation of ‘Hard Times for Teachers’. It was the highlight of the day’.

Rachid Tagoulla. IATEFL Voices, July-August 2014; https://www.flickr.com/photos/rachidtagoulla/