IATEFL Poland 2013

‘My reactions to the Dickens session were really positive:

1) Gave me lots to think about- and I’m reflecting now on ‘critical pedagogy’ as a result, other than the relevance of Dickens for today

2) Reminded me I have lots of Dickens I’ve never read, and made me want to…

3) I was wowed by the techno side- the photos, the text plus the film clips, plus good handout- a good match and a great mixture.

4) Did you get feedback from the kids themselves?  How did they feel? The boy who was Oliver and the poor lad on the chair were really memorable and brought it to life.  I had problems with the intelligibility of one boy. I very much enjoyed your reading.

5)  I was fascinated by the relevance for today and think you could have made more of the parallels with credit card debt and ‘got to have it now’ culture.  There are important messages for the younger generation that may be quite new for them.  BUT I’d also want to get feedback from someone younger!!!

For me it was the highlight of the conference, and struck deep- Freire would be proud of you.

Suggest: Less input for the time available.

Melanie Ellis’ 

‘Great to include students in Luke Prodromou’s Dickens plenary talk this morning at IATEFL Poland. They were part of the dialogues. Luke was wielding his cane in true Victorian schoolteacherly fashion. Always fancied attending a conference where students outnumber teachers and they present projects they work on at school’.

Mark Andrews