The Old Curiosity Shop

The Old Curiosity Shop

Quilp: Here, sign
Grandfather: What is this?
Quilp: Read.
Grandfather: It’s an agreement, it says I have to hand over the shop to you!
Quilp: Correct. This is the last money I will give you. And I’ll make this loan on the understanding that you will pay me back for everything with my numerous investments doubled or even trebled. If you fail to do so, the shop becomes mine, according to the law.
Grandfather: Everything I own becomes yours? To do with as you see fit?
Quilp: Stock and property.
Grandfather: The Old Curiosity Shop? Why do you ask me to sign such a document now? Haven’t I always paid you back?
Quilp: Your debts are getting bigger and bigger and I need some kind of guarantee.
Grandfather: I will not do it, Quilp. Everything I own is for Nell’s future.
Quilp: Very well, then; I have been deceived …you assured me you would treble and quadruple my loans by the interest you paid me; there’s nothing more to say