Our sketches and plays include:

-The Driving Test, The Water Bill, the Bank Robber, The Customs Officer, The Wheelchair, The Speaking Test, Scrooge’s Christmas and the Psychiatrist (written by Dave and Luke) and The Ticket Inspector (by Doug Case and Ken Wilson).

-a one act play, Me and Him, based on Us and Them by David Campton.

Godot Over the Wall, based on Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and James Saunders’ Over the Wall.

A Celebration of Dickens: dramatized readings from the works of Charles Dickens (Great Expectations, Hard Times, Oliver Twist and others).

The Dave and Luke Christmas Special (Scrooge, the Customs Officer and an adaptation of Case and Wilson’s The Ticket Inspector)

-The Wheelchair (in support of the Disabled Access-Friendly Campaign).

All our texts are in simple but natural language.

Our presentation-performances include:

-The Price and Value of Education: a Dickensian Approach.

-Shakespeare’s Unruly Women (talk with dramatized readings)

-Shakespeare: words, words, words

-Shakespeare in the ELT Classroom

Future plans include presentations-performances dedicated to work by modern British playwrights (eg Pinter, Beckett) and classics such as Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde.

Our new shows for 2013-2014:

Godot Over the Wall, by Samuel Beckett and James Saunders.
Celebrating Shakespeare (450 years since his birth). Themes: Shakespeare’s women, his views of education, Shakespeare in the ELT classroom.